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Not All Coverage Is Guaranteed by Travel Insurance

It is that time of year once more, when the sun is shining, school is out, and we are just a flight away from the vast, vast world of travel.

As a result, you investigate your vacation options. You book a flight. You book a room at the hotel. Last but not least, you contact an insurance agent to obtain a suitable travel policy.

You think to yourself, “Ah.” I’m protected from every angle.

Sir or Madame, do not hurry!

While some people, like you, may view the insurance they bought as a ticket to tranquility, this is not always the case.

There will not be coverage for every loss scenario that you can imagine occurring.
This article discusses issues that may arise if you do not adequately educate yourself about insurance issues or plan ahead.

There are a few scenarios in which travel insurance does not cover losses. When you hear that a storm is coming, don’t buy travel insurance because you think you are smart. The cancellation of your trip as a result of publicized storm information is not covered by a travel policy. 

2. Stop imagining that your travel insurance will compensate you for everyday issues. You will not be compensated by your insurance for minor inconveniences or lack of enjoyment.

3. Don’t think about getting insurance to cover losses you can’t prove. To support your loss, you will need to present a sales receipt.

4. Be aware that accidents that occurred while you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs will probably not be covered by your insurance.

5. If you don’t consult your doctor before your trip, your travel insurance may not cover your medical expenses. If you can’t show that you were healthy before signing up for the plan, you might have trouble getting coverage if you need medical care while you’re on vacation.

6. Do not assume that your travel plan will cover every activity you do. You might not get paid if you get hurt doing something that the insurance company thinks is dangerous. Check your insurance policy to see which activities are covered by it and which are deemed risky.

Travel insurance has limits, deductibles, and exclusions like any indemnity policy. You owe it to both yourself and your vacation to conduct adequate research prior to the event. You can learn how to avoid having a claim related to the policy denied by speaking with an experienced independent agent.